Algarve: every surfers dream

De Algarve is the ideal place to surf and enjoy the best climate in Europe. In summertime it get’s a bit crowded, but not too much. Off season it’s quiet and you can find beaches for yourself!

Amoreira en Monte Clerigo are small scale beaches with a few nice restaurants and bars, you can find great food for fair prices here. Driving 10 minutes away from the beach you end up in Aljezur, a beautiful town with an old center, restaurants, bars, shops, supermarkets, banks etc.

Bars & Restaurants
At Praia Monte Clerigo you’ll find a typical Portugese restaurant right at the parking. It’s the first and oldest one at this beach and you can go there anytime of the day. Around the corner is O’Sago, a new and modern restaurant with a very nice menu!

Amoreira has two restaurants, one of them is in walking distance of the SURFinn and the other one is at the other end of the beach, crossing the river. The first restaurant is a very nice place to sit down and enjoy the sunset.

Aljezur has a huge offer of restaurants and bars, we tell you where to go!

Weather in West-Algarve

The Atlantic Coast in the Southwest of Portugal knows a gentle spring, a hot summer and a fall with lots of hours of sun

During the day it’s often nice and sunny. Wind is not a huge factor and the amount of good surfing days is big. At nighttime you might need a sweater to be comfortable outside.

The summer is a sun-filled period with long and warm days. Wind can be a factor, therefor we like to go surfing in the mornings and evenings!

Our personal favourite: the ocean is still warm and the days are not too hot. The wind is gone and you have lots of days where you surf all day long in perfect conditions. Summer crowds are all gone and you can enjoy the best place in Europe in the best conditions!